Providing A Loving, Education Environment For Your Little Ones

Your child's early years are touchstones to growing and developing essential skills. That's why we strive to create a comforting and visually appealing environment to stimulate social interaction and learning. Our facility offers a plentiful variety of books, toys and colorful decor to ensure that your little one has a pleasant surrounding to explore. Through our committed staff and engaging facility, we hope to create a lifelong, positive influence on your child's life.

Let Your Little Learn!

Play Time & Friends!

Pricing & More

  • Fees: 75$ non-refundable deposit.
  • 6 weeks - 2 years: $125 weekly, $250 biweekly, $500 monthly
  • 2 years - 3 years: $115 weekly, $230 biweekly, $460 monthly
  • 3 years-12 years: $110 a week, $220 biweekly, $440.
  • Part -time students are $40 a day
  • Before school care: $45 a week, $90 biweekly, $80 monthly.
  • After School care: $60 weekly, $120 biweekly, $240 monthly.
  • Before and after school care: $75 weekly, $150 biweekly, $300 monthly.
  • 10% discount on enrollment fee and tuition for families of 2 or more children.
  • $2 fee per minute for every minute you are late to pick up your child.
  • Breakfast starts at 8:30 (you must drop your child off by 8:00 am or let us know ahead of time if child be coming for breakfast.

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